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Luno does a great job of making crypto investing as straightforward as possible. It has a beginner-friendly web platform and mobile app, so it’s worth checking out if you’re new to crypto and you want an exchange without much of a learning curve. To buy crypto, you simply add your debit card, decide how much you want to spend, and confirm the transaction. There are no fees on crypto deposits but crypto withdrawal fees are dynamic and also depend on the network traffic at the time of withdrawal. Luno may not be the best platform for users interested in large varieties of cryptocurrency because of the limitation of crypto trading on the Luno exchange.

It now possesses offices in South Africa, Indonesia, Australia, Nigeria, the UK, and Malaysia. Luno is not that exchange where you can carry out advanced trading woth trading tools. It’s just a simple platform where you can buy, sell, send and receive cryptocurrency. Luno Luno exchange review exchange has a web platform and mobile app that are user- and beginner-friendly for all. Luno supports BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH, XRP, SOL, ADA, and a few other cryptocurrencies. You can buy, sell, and trade all of these digital assets with the available features at Luno.

However, there is a limit of minimum and maximum Bitcoins that you can buy. The limit varies according to the currency and payment method that you are using. In this review we will try to separate the black from the white and focus on presenting facts about this cryptocurrency exchange.

They are operating in London, and are slowly expanding their operations into Europe as well. Our platform is built with significant focus on security and user safety, providing a simple and safe way to store your crypto. Whether using a Bitcoin or Ethereum Wallet, you can rest easy knowing your cryptocurrency is safe…with no need to worry about losing your private keys.

Is Luno Legal?

As Luno is a global platform and offers their services to several countries, they support a good number of payment methods for convenient deposits and withdrawals. The best thing is each jurisdiction has its own payment methods so that you can deposit or withdraw money with the suitable payment modes available in your country. Allow me to explain, Luno does not set the price of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Luno exchange review

To create a new account, choose the former and choose the blockchain networks. Calculate the fees for the latter if you have an existing account. As stated already, its mobile version is available for both Android and iOS systems. This app takes seconds to function, offers a seamless experience, especially on its Android version.

Cryptocurrency selection

Also, the platform’s mobile app and wallet are the easiest route to sending, receiving and spending crypto and fiat. Luno exchange offers trading options for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple and USD Coin across many fiat currencies. The platform currently supports only about ten cryptocurrencies, which may not meet the needs of many traders. This lack of diversity can restrict traders to exploring only a few markets rather than seeking out more lucrative opportunities.

Luno exchange review

Despite the web being filled with numerous crypto exchanges, it manages to establish a unique persona. It supports less popular fiat currencies, is available in 44 countries, and supports multiple cryptocurrencies. A lack of email support hurts its industry prestige alongside its occasional malfunctions when users withdraw cryptos. Its every charge is based on user details, including payment used, total amount, chosen cryptocurrency, etc.

The option to share free fiat and crypto email payments is available. Does not support advanced trading tools and margin trading. Business accounts help organizations set up their proceedings. It offers Coinbase-like services but cultivates a reach even in countries where Coinbase is not permitted. It is currently the most well-known cryptocurrency exchange in South Africa.

Instant Buy or Sell orders can be executed in European countries. Outside Europe, the exchange trading option is also available. In placing an Instant Buy or Sell order, you are basically placing a market order and accepting the current price. Customers in South Africa, Malaysia, Nigeria and Indonesia can enter a trade to buy a bitcoin-fiat pair on the Luno exchange. This feature allows you to set a Limit order at the price you want to pay. Buying cryptocurrency means different things in different countries on the Luno exchange.

In this review, we assess the features, benefits, trading fees and security of Tokenize Exchange. Luno is a legitimate and trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange that is incorporated in Singapore as Luno Pte. The company has a number of local entities across the world that appear to be in compliance with local laws and regulations.

I’ve been using them for some time

Although Luno isn’t a regulated exchange, it still offers a bank-level security experience. It stores customer’s private keys securely in the deep freeze. Every key is placed in a safety deposit box in bank vaults, and no one has permission to access multiple boxes.

Subject to a flat 3.5% transaction fee that includes card merchant and Luno’s processing fee. Once signed up and verified, you must purchase minimum SGD 200 of one of the coins available on Luno in order to receive the Bitcoin reward. Also, crypto staking or crypto lending is not available on the platform, therefore, there’s no chance of a user locking up crypto to earn rewards. Luno exchange verifies users’ identities within a few minutes of submitting the required information, a selfie, and an ID. The Luno payment services will clinch some remarkable growth in a few years to come.

Just to reiterate, once you’ve authorized the option to send crypto, there’s a waiting period for it to be activated. This is an extra security measure that gives you time to undo your action and protects your money against fraudulent activity. The date when your send option will be enabled is displayed to you in the app, and you’ll also receive an email notification as soon as it’s activated for you.

That’s a big disadvantage, especially now that so many exchanges are offering large lineups of dozens and sometimes even hundreds of cryptocurrencies. Luno will need to offer more if it wants to attract crypto enthusiasts. The easy-to-use design and security makes Luno a solid option for beginners, but it only offers the basics. Luno controls the private keys and seed phrase, which means you are not in control of your coins. Any Luno wallet review should take into account that it is best suited for beginners. Luno has not been hacked, or at least has not acknowledged any security breaches publicly.

  • As a further security precaution, Luno also encrypts the wallet backups.
  • Bitcoin , Bitcoin Cash , Ethereum , Litecoin , Ripple , and USD Coin are all available on Luno.
  • Depending on what country you are from, the referral benefit you stand to receive will differ.

I love the software, very easy to use and updates on all the coins. This reviewer was invited by us to submit an honest review and offered a nominal incentive as a thank you.

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Luno and PayFast facilitated one of the first crypto-currency integrations into a payment processor in the world. The rating results published on Cointelligence are based on an independent rating system developed by the Cointelligence team. They do not reflect any official governmental approval or regulatory compliance. The basics of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies in simple, bite-sized explainers – jargon-free. Choose the cryptocurrency you want to buy and the one you want to spend.

Depending on your geographic area the promo codes might give you some additional incentives to join and trade. If you want to use the Live Chat function, you’ll need to dig through a mountain of documentation. Once you get there, though, the customer service reps are very good. It might take a week, but once you find the support chat the customer care agents are helpful. Apart from this, other Luno features are still available to Singapore account holders.

Luno has a dedicated mobile app, both for iOS and Android users. Many cryptocurrency exchanges do not have applications yet, some of the oldest exchanges operate only on web, so they are ahead of the game in this aspect. As Luno is fairly new in game, it has not been hacked so far, but that does not mean the website is completely secure or bulletproof, it just means it hasn’t been hit yet. Luno facilitates bitcoin and cryptocurrency storage and transactions such as buying, selling and paying through their wallet services. They also operate exchanges between traditional currencies and bitcoin.

68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You can set price alerts to take fuller advantage of market moves, Additionally, advanced charting helps you plan for the next Bitcoin price shift. Likewise, withdrawing fiat currency from a Luno wallet is free within Australia, the UK and Singapore. The is a minor charge in the other supported countries, which is still quite affordable. Depending on the region and deposit method,transferring money via a bank is the cheapest way to send funds to Lunoand is free of charge in most countries. There is a small deposit charge for Asian and African jurisdictions using Instant Transfers.

Luno is a leading cryptocurrency exchange that is highly suitable for beginners only. It provides a safe and stable platform to buy and sell the most popular digital currencies. Luno is available in 10 countries around the world and accepts several fiat currencies and payment methods. However, there are fees to deposit and withdraw fiat currencies to be aware of, and the instant buy/sell feature charges 2% per order which is very expensive. In addition, experienced investors and traders will find the exchange lacking in the number of coins, advanced charting tools, staking, NFTs, and leveraged markets. Traders can quickly switch between crypto and fiat currencies.

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